Finding the right G.P.

This is a right of passage for all new M.E. sufferers. There are some G.P.s that will follow a prescribed line and will cause you distress as they will either not believe you, prescribe an outdated and damaging regime of recovery or just tell you that there is no evidence in your tests that you are sick. This recently happened to me.

My G.P. of 5 years, whilst he believed me, he didn’t support working with my naturopath and suggested we book in with a psychologist. When I started my recovery, I also had this by a G.P. who put me on anti-depressants that completely did not work. To try and push it with a G.P. that doesn’t support from the get-go, I didn’t need that extra battle. I felt sad, disappointed and betrayed. I only let it bother me for a couple of hours, but I knew our relationship was finished.

I did get my knickers in a twist a bit, but in the end, it was up to me to regulate what I was going to let through my gate of concern.

I put the feelers out on the FB network and a wonderful suggestion was to check out the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (I’ve put a link in Resources). I did, and I found several Integrative G.P.s. I picked one who was not too far away and had some past experience with complementary medicine. On meeting with the G.P., I was upfront about working with my Naturopath and he was keen. He blew me away with his knowledge (this one was a lifelong learner), where we could go and how we could possibly get to the bottom of the causes. He did warn me there may be costs involved and was conscientious about my budget.

It matters to know that I have this guiding light as part of my team.

Love & Blessings


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