You Look Great!

The other day, on the way to the Doctors, I ran into a friend from my daughter’s dance school. During our chats, it came up about how was I feeling. As I said, not great at the moment, in a little bit of a crash, she replied, but you always look great! I explained that I had been resting for the last couple of days. It made me feel a little uncomfortable that I came back with that. Like I was admonishing her for not recognising all this preparation for making it to the Doctors.

People do actually care for each other and want things to be nice. Saying to one another that they look great when they know you are suffering, its a compliment. Is it negative then for me to rant about that people don’t recognise this illness in me? I think not. If I take each moment as it comes, and recognise that little gem of a compliment as a reward for my ability to rally, that is a massive win.

Perhaps it’s like when my daughter dances on stage. Huge amounts of work goes into getting the costuming right, the hair, the make-up and then practising the routines, for a 4 minute performance. This is what it is like for me. I prepare my energy in adavance by planning out activities, ensuring enough sleep, preapring and packing food and supplements. I go onto my stage (aka work/events) and the energy is there to get through whatever it is I need to too. If I start to get the warning sign that the carriage is about to turn into the pumpkin, adrenaline kicks in to get me through. After though, particularly if the latter has happened, this equals to at least one day in bed.

So thanks for saying I look great, cause I rocked it by planning my energy!

Love & Blessings


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