Tests and more tests

Once I moved doctors, the new one started me out on some tests. I will put a list of them in the resources section. Note that some of these tests cost to take. I have put in those details in AU$.

Reverse T3

This one that was most surprising: the usual results are meant to be 170-450 pmol/L. Mine was 731. From what I can gather, reverse T3 (Triiodothyronine) means that your system is facing a lot of stress. In this resource, it says it is also present in CFS and Fibromyalgia patients.

Cost: $100

Supplier: Usual pathologist

Method: blood test

Dutch Test

I also undertook the Dutch Test which has nothing to do with the folk in Netherlands. It stands for Dried Urine  for Comprehensive Hormones. From this test to showed that I was Estrogen Dominant and Relative Progestogen  deficient. It also showed that my Cortisol was low in the evening. Additionally, the Organic Acid Test indicated that my vit B12 was deficient. Plus, I am entering the peri-menopausal stage (well I am 45 – about time).

Cost: $400

Supplier: Precision Analytical

Method: urine onto strips taken within a prescribed time at home. Results come back in a month. Not carbon friendly as has to go to U.S. for processing.

I will add more tests as I take them.


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