Hi, I’m Em. I’m an early 70’s child, a mother to two and a wife. I work part-time and I like to be involved in the community. I am fascinated by people and nature – culture, the birds out the back and the earth’s systems. I live in Brisbane, it’s a humid, hot place full of greenery and awesome storms.

You can read my full story about getting Myalgic Encephalitis in My M.E. Story. But the summary is I fell 22 years ago in my twenties while I was at uni, then again in 2016. So I have experienced it when I was single with someone to support my recovery and then again, when I had a family and lots of responsibilities.

I’ve been blessed that I have not had it as severely as others. Whilst recovering mostly in bed, I have never had to be hospitalised and I have still been able to walk and feed myself.

I’ve started this blog as I got on my path to recovery with the help of the experience of others. It gave me the freedom and confidence to manage it myself and create a lifestyle that fits both recovery and family living. This is my perspective and experiences. I want it to be a pool of gentle reflections that you can dip in and out of.

Love & Blessings


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